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0.3 Inch 6 Digit Seven Segment Display

Asian Electronics has 27 Years of Expertise in LED Displays, Especially for Seven Segment display. We are associated with certified and the most reputed manufacturers in the market to procure premium quality Electronic components. We ensure to abide by the international standards of the industry and also make sure that they are well fabricated to offer customization as per our requirements of the clients. Quality – RoHS Part no – HB31604Axx/Cxx Caracter size (in inch) – 0.3″ Product size (in mm) – 11x41x8 Pin Type – Up Down Colors – Red, Green, Pure Green, White

Find the Ideal 6 Digit 7 Segment Display for Your Projects at Asian Electronics

Our 6 Digit 7 Segment Displays are available in various vibrant colors, including Red, Green, Pure Green, and White, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your design aesthetics. Whether you need a bold and eye-catching display or a more understated and clean look, we have the ideal solution for you.

These displays are meticulously crafted for exceptional quality and performance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. From electronics hobbyists to professionals, our 6 Digit 7 Segment Displays have earned a reputation for their reliability and versatility.

Explore our extensive collection of 6 Digit 7 Segment Displays and find the perfect match for your electronic projects. Asian Electronics Mumbai is your trusted source for high-quality displays that meet your specific requirements. Elevate your projects with our exceptional displays today!"