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68mm Glass LED Lens with Metal ring for Street Light

68mm Glass led lens is mainly used for street lighting and can get a batwing-type lighting pattern. And offer uniform lighting on the ground, which is very important for traffic. We have applied this lens to many important road-lighting projects
Material Glass
Brand Galaxy
Usage/Application Street Light
Shape Round
Type Convex
Application LED Optical Lens
Usages Street Light
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

LED Lens 20mm Waterproof Series for SMD 2835,3535,3030 LEDs

20mm LED Lens for SMD LED

Our LED Light Lens is made of high grade PMMA. 20 mm led lens can provide beam angels of 45 degree. These led lenses have distinct beams that help focus light into a small area. These are suitable for various light application like Wall-washer light, Ceiling light, Spot Light, torch light, led down lights and so on. It’s made from high-quality silicone material, which can be used for a long time.

Specification for Led Lens 20mm:

  • Quantity:300sets
  • LENS Diameter:20mm
  • Holder Diameter:22mm
  • LENS Height:8mm
  • Holder Height:13.5mm
  • Viewing Angle:45 degree
  • Material: High Quality
  • Type: Waterproof

LED lens 20mm with Cap for 1W & 3W Emitter LED

Led Lens 20mm has distinct beams that help focus light into a small area. Because the lens’ corners aren’t completely sealed, you’ll need to secure the assembly to the LED. Our Galaxy Brand LED Lens is made from high-quality pc material, which can give clear vision and excellent light transmission.  it can be used as a light bead for led lights, flashlights, flashlights, and other small objects. LED spotlights, vehicle lights, DIY projection lamps, and other common applications.

1W 3W Power Lens 20mm Diameter Optical PMMA With White Holder Angle 5 10 15 30 45 60 90 Degree LED Lens.

This led lens has a different beam, helps to focus the light into a tight spot. The edges of the lens are are not sealed all that, you need to fixed the assembly to the LED. Widely use in for LED spot light, automobile lights, DIY projecting lamp etc.

LED Lens 20mm with cap for 2835, 3535, 3030

Features of 20mm led lens with cap

  • Lens Material: waterproof LED Light Lens
  • Lens Size: 20 mm
  • Lens Angel: 45degree
  • Color: Clear
Package: 300 x 20mm LED Light Lens with cap