Light Bar

Asian Electronics provides a wide range of LED Light Bar products for different applications. The LED Light Bars are used for back lighting, status indication and analog level indications. Asian Electronics LED Light Bars provide exceptional brightness at very low current. . Asian Electronics LED Light Bars are heavy-duty and have long life operation. Asian Electronics LED Light Bars are cost efficient and energy efficient for variety applications.


  • Automotive industry in dashboard display, fuel gauge
  • Audio Equipment’s
  • Industrial use as status indication for instrument, control system, process control, Diagnostic equipment
  • Signal Status Indicators
  • Used in Appliance for Front panel, digital display
  • Power Status Indicator
  • Electronic industry use in digital display of electronic devices


  • Low Current Operation
  • Bright Light Emitting Surface
  • Cost Efficient Solution
  • Special Design
  • Excellent ON/OFF Contrast
  • Message Annunciates
  • LED chips from Taiwan 
  • RoHS-compliant


  • Red, Green, Pure Green, Blue, White, Amber, 

Duel Color

  • Red and Green , Red and Pure Green etc,